Teke Teke Promotion Terms & Conditions

Organizing Entity: Uchumi Supermarkets Limited

Registered Address: KNTC Complex, Yarrow Road Industrial Area

Postal Address: Box 73167 – 00200, Nairobi,


  1. TEKE TEKE Promotion (henceforth called PROMOTION) is a shopping based promotion. The PROMOTION takes place from 1st December 2015, 00:00:01 Local Time until 31st January 2016 11:59:59 Local Time (PROMOTION PERIOD).

Participation and Mechanics

  1. The Shopper will be required to shop goods worth Kshs 1,000 and will get an automated entry coupon. The will be required to fill in their Name, Telephone number, U-Club number and I.D. If they use their U-Club card their Name and card number will be filled automatically. They will drop their entry in a designated drop off box within the branch.
  2. A Mini and Grand draw will be conducted to determine the winners. Draws will be conducted at such a time as may be agreed by Uchumi Supermarkets Limited and BCLB. However the schedule below is tentatively suggested for the draw dates - Mini Draw 30th December, 2015 and the Grand Draw on 13th February, 2015.
  3. Participation in this Promotion and any winnings are subject to these rules. Decision by Uchumi, in consultation with BCLB, regarding any dispute will be final and binding. Uchumi in consultation with BCLB, reserves the right to amend these rules at any time during the Promotion. Uchumi will not be required to provide any reasons for such alteration and no customer will have any claim whatsoever against Uchumi. All information, rules or conditions relating to this service, published in or any promotion or advertising material in any media at any time before or during the quiz period, will form part of the terms and conditions of this PROMOTION.


  1. The PROMOTION is open to all Uchumi customers, excluding Uchumi Supermarkets employees, agents, merchandisers, agencies and their immediate families. The person who fills in the entry coupon will be considered the participant. Participants and winners who are minors must obtain consent from their parent(s) or lawful guardian(s) to take part/are not eligible to participate.
  2. The Promotion will run in the English language for all Participants. Prizes will be distributed through the Uchumi branch network.


  1. For the Grand prize winner, the prize will be conferred on the winner after the Promotion Period, at a time and place to be communicated by Uchumi.
  2. In any event, Prizes will be delivered immediately and within 2 weeks for upcountry winners.
  3. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, cannot be exchanged for other prizes or for their value in cash and may not be transferred or exchanged.
  4. Any expense not explicitly indicated as part of the prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the winner.
  5. Uchumi in consultation with BCLB reserves the right to withhold the prize until satisfied that the claim is valid.


Winner Selection, Notification and Prize Forfeiture

  1. The selection criteria for the Prizes is as below:
    1. Grand Prize: All participants who will have filled in the entry coupons will be eligible for mini and grand draw. All entry coupons will be transferred to a central location where winners will be picked randomly.
    2. A Participant is eligible to win more than one Prize during the Promotion period, which means that he/she shops and fills the coupon the more chances he/she has of winning.
  2. Uchumi in consultation with BCLB reserves the right to vary the dates of draws and announcement of winners during the Promotion Period.
  3. The draws will be physically conducted in the presence of a BCLB representative.
  4. The winner will be called by Uchumi and a dedicated number will be communicated and also the winners’ lists will be published in the dairies. Winners will have three months to claim their prize after being notified of their winnings. If the notified winner refuses the prize or fails to appear to collect it within 3 months of notification, then the prize will be surrendered to the BCLB.
  5. Uchumi will need to verify the legality of the winner and that he /she complies with the rules of this promotion in order to claim the prize. For this purpose, the winner must present his National Identity Card or Passport.
  6. Uchumi will verify the eligibility of the winner in line with these terms and conditions, and require the winner to sign a prize acceptance form prior to handing over the prize. If it is found that the winner was ineligible to the Promotion, he is disqualified and forfeits the prize.
  7. By accepting a prize, the winner consents to the use of his first and last name, place of residence, photograph and likeness in any promotional material produced by Uchumi. Such use does not entitle the winner to any further compensation. Prize Winners are required to be available for media interviews.
  8. Winners are liable for payment of any taxes, duties or other charges legally applied on prizes under any relevant current legislation.
  9. Any winner, during any stage of selection, acceptance or delivery of the prizes, may be disqualified for the following reasons:
    1. In the event that, for any reason, communication with the winner is rendered impossible SUBJECT to these Terms and Conditions;
    2. In the event that, for any reason, the winner does not sign either the relevant prize acceptance declaration or refuses to allow the use of his/her personal data according to this Regulation;
    3. In any other cases herein stipulated.

Uchumi Responsibilities

  1. Uchumi does not take any responsibility for failure of any Participant to win any prize.
  2. Participants may request additional information with respect to the total number of entries registered with their mobile telephone number, content of the prizes, other details regarding the prizes, or any other matter connect

Personal Data Protection

  1. By participating in the PROMOTION, the Participants expressly agree that personal data which they supply shall be processed by Uchumi for the purposes of executing the PROMOTION and also for the purpose of advertising the PROMOTION and Uchumi. It is hereby specified that Uchumi guarantees that publicity, entailing the sharing with third parties of personal data supplied as a result of participation in the PROMOTION, (including through television, the press, leaflets and other means and formats of communication) shall be made only with respect to the winners of the Prizes and will only indicate the given names, the place of residence, their images and voices (contained in photographic records, audio, video and other types of records, made with the purposes of publicity connected to the PROMOTION). The winning Participants give, through their participation in the PROMOTION, express consent for the use of this data in formats herein defined. Following the termination of the PROMOTION, the personal data will be destroyed.
  2. In accordance with local laws and regulations, Uchumi respects the privacy of Participants of this PROMOTION, by which it is committed to the use of technology in a transparent form and in strict observance of the rights, freedom and guarantees of the citizens and by the reservation of the intimacy of their private and family life. The personal data collected within the scope of this PROMOTION will be treated as private and confidential. It shall not be disclosed to other individuals or organizations, except in the event of legislation to the contrary or where such is authorized by the Participants themselves. The entry coupons will be stored securely in Uchumi warehouse.

Governing Law & Amendments

  1. This Promotion is organized under and governed by the laws of Kenya. These Terms & Conditions are valid during the PROMOTION PERIOD unless earlier amended or suspended by Uchumi or BCLB.

Intellectual Property

  1. All the ownership and intellectual property rights in the footage and visuals taken of any participant, his/her family and surrounding onlookers is and shall at all times remain the sole property of Uchumi.
  2. Use of the materials stated above shall be at Uchumi sole discretion and they will be entitled to disclosure any of the participants’ details for administering the promotion, marketing and research related activities, fraud prevention and such other purposes as may be provided in these Terms and Conditions and applicable law.


  1. Uchumi does not require subscribers to send airtime, money or any other consideration in order to collect Prizes and will not be liable for any losses or other damages incurred by subscribers who do not heed this caution.


  1. The Customer care line for the promotion will be 020 - 650707 and the number to be used to contact winners will be 0722 205 442

BCLB License: 002187

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